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My new website at the university


Soon after my retirement at the end of 2013 my original website was moved. Here is now my new version using the official CMS and layout of the university.  All information contained in the old version of my web site has been archived and is linked to in the following.

3D Ansicht der Medulla (IrreC-Antikörper)

3D-Rekonstruktion of the medulla of the Drosophila brain using Rst-immunofluorescence. Preparation by  P. Robin Hiesinger, now Prof. for neurogenetics at the FU Berlin.

Archive of the old Filab-Webpage

My old web page is archived under the address 

Drosophila Meeting in September 2013

The meeting "The Nervous System of Drosophila melanogaster: from Development to Function" was organized by Prof. Dr. Dierk Reiff and myself  at the end of 2013  (26.-29.9.2013). I retired officially one day after this event.  The Journal of Neurogenetics published a special issue relating to this meeting (J. Neurogenetics 2014, 28:165-373). The scientific program of this meeting documents that friends from all over the world had come.

New activities after my retirement

After my retirement I am still occassionally invited to give scientific talks. Topics have been (1) evolutionary theory, (2) scientific concepts of consciousness, (3) chance and necessity in biology, (4) free will. Coming events are listed here.

Social Network for Senior People:

Many years ago (1995) I created together with my wife Margit a German-speaking educational website, which resulted 1997 in the foundation of the non-profit organization "Zentrale für Unterrichtsmedien im Internet e. V.Already 1998 we also started the social network Seniorentreff im Internet for senior people. After my retirement the development of the latter is my main focus. I enjoy this new challenge.

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